on location in Titusville, PA

Folks, it’s been a great weekend. Kirk picked me up on Friday. He’s building a garage and using salvaged slate for the roof and the siding. Over the weekend we started work on the roof together. First task was the drip edge. We made some origami corners for the drip and used “my” double lock clip system which give it a real old-world handmade kinda look while also being very easy to install.

We don’t have copper yet so the pan-forming work will have to start next weekend. We are doing a 3′ snow apron in standing seam copper, and the roof will have 4 skylights so there is quite a lot of custom detailing to work on.

The drip corner starts as a miss-shaped copper fortune cookie..

And then it’s nailed onto the corner and shaped in-place with an anvil and planishing hammers.

No need to cut/miter the drip edge and the corner has a strong, one-piece gusset now that you can step on without it crushing.


TRADLIVE: From the bench

Template making and take-off for upcoming project.

It’s a hip roof, 9:12.

Starting with a geometry guide that will give me any angle I need to cut a pattern..

Training spotlight: Merlin’s Roofing from Canada

In early May of 2018, Merlin O’brecht of Merlin’s Roofing in Canada travelled to my job site in Cincinnati, OH to spend a week learning traditional metal roofing techniques, and roof geometry. I’ll be working thru the video footage from our sessions and re-publishing them. Here was our meeting: picking him up from the airport after meeting online:

Learn to fold metal roofs: Pinch (standing) seam intersection at 90

This is a foundation seam. With this technique you can construct standing hips, bread pans (the alternative to z strips), curbs, or any place where you want or need an alternative to a lay-down seam.

With some drafting/pattern making knowledge you can use the seam in the video to construct lots of unique intersections.

tradlive is back! feb23

hey folks. I’m firing this thing up again, in an attempt to get back to automated live streams / posting… lord help me. just field testing right now so don’t expect too much. @ me for #quickmaths #roofmaths #lifeadvice #insults

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