Slate roof begins: Titusville PA

The snow aprons were completed and slate started going on this weekend in Titusville.


On location: Titusville Slate Roof

Hello all! It’s been a while since I posted. The work on the slate roof project has been pretty redundant so I quit taking video/photos until we get into the slate part, but we did close up the hips on one side this weekend which finally reveals the origami drip edge corner / roof transition.

Tradlive: on-site in Titusville

Work continues on the Titusville slate roofing project. Today we finished the second long eave, and moved the rig around to the back for the short side. Tomorrow we get to connect our first hips which is exciting for me! A little bit of hand hammering to remind me what it was like before the wuko and seam closer tools!