Reader questions: Seaming a pipe-boot

I’ve been meaning to update the site with better organization. Robert’s question and this discussion about seamed pipe boots was the motivation I needed… There are a lot of videos on Youtube, but they are mostly in foreign languages and even alphabets, making a search for trad roofing techniques very difficult for english-speakers. I’m starting to compile the best videos on a new page here:

Here’s our discussion from the Trad Roofing forum and the video another member of the group submitted to help with his journey:

Metal roofing lessons: day 1 on the bench: reverse seams

The first seam we learned together on the bench is one I have named a “reverse” seam. This is because the upstand part is seamed while the piece is still flat. This allows for roof gutter spouts, skylight corners, and low profile filets intersecting outside corners of any type. we used the front of a chimney apron as a model for the lesson.

Learn to fold metal roofs: Pinch (standing) seam intersection at 90

This is a foundation seam. With this technique you can construct standing hips, bread pans (the alternative to z strips), curbs, or any place where you want or need an alternative to a lay-down seam.

With some drafting/pattern making knowledge you can use the seam in the video to construct lots of unique intersections.
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