Video editing trials

I’m benched today with a tooth abscess the size of a golfball. it’s been a rough week. so I’m going thru old video from the fabrication phase of the project. Here’s the first batch with some weird shit from iMovie. I need to invest some time into learning the software but in the meantime i’ll just overcompensate with glitter and distortion.

captains log

June 6.

Chest infection is easing. lead levels are at 32. I can breathe in now without experiencing pain. Still a lot of drainage and grey phlegm.

I’m not sure if I was exposed while working/attending the Tangent event or previous 3 job sites where I was living in homes that had active stripping/aerosolizing projects underway without proper containment.

On location: Titusville Slate Roof

Hello all! It’s been a while since I posted. The work on the slate roof project has been pretty redundant so I quit taking video/photos until we get into the slate part, but we did close up the hips on one side this weekend which finally reveals the origami drip edge corner / roof transition.