Folks, bear with me. I have (for now) lost all of the content that was located at Fear not: I did print all of my work. I will be re-publishing the metal roofing bible, with an updated pattern library. It was due for an update/edit anyway.

In 2007: after a year of self-study in traditional sheet metal practices, I received my first commission: to re-create this decorative ridge cresting, and finial for client Tim Whal. Hepbrun Ave, Louisville, KY.
In 2016: Entrepreneur and self-taught builder Andrew Marks commissioned me to design, and build this 80-square slate and copper roof on his private home in Fayetteville, AK.

Hip roof folding patterns are going back up. For now, the series will be free..

Video showing construction for pinch seam.
The Metal Roofing Bible will return to the internet, with better organization and more patterns. The only source in English for traditional, standing seam roof patterns and instruction.
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